Manti needs effort and mastership. Aneda Gıda, for 23 years under the brand of Güven Mantı, offers you the most natural and the most delicious of mantı. Ravioli of the indispensable value of Turkish cuisine. Aneda Gıda for the first time deep-freeze at -40°C and storage at -18°C in Turkey. Aneda Gıda will share the secret of the taste of your mothers with Güven Mantı brand.


Aneda Gıda produces Doka Ravioli products exclusively for catering companies. The product of those who want to have both a delicious and healthy product in all invitations and organizations Doka Mantı.


Aneda Gıda started to produce, which is the third brand, in 2008. Aneda Gida approaches all brands with the same precision and care. You can reach Yaren Manti from our sales points.


İnci Balkaya'nın started in 1991 - 1993 with their own labor and product line without any concessions produced by the logic. Inciana Manti taste is a special product that will not be deleted from the palates. You can obtain the quality and taste of our mothers from the point of sale near you.




Güven Ravioli offering the most natural flavor of ravioli on your tables for 23 years! 

We attach importance to your ideas

Güven mantının, kesme eriştesi, sironu, mantısı ve ip eriştesi hepsi birbirinden güzel,hepsi birbirinden lezzetli.Teşekkürler Güven Mantı....
We are pleased to sell the best ravioli in Turkey from one of the best chain stores in our country.
Uğur Ayaz - Özkuruşlar
Hello, I won your set through BEST FM. Shipment arrived quickly. They were all delicious. Thank you.
Elif Yılmaz
Zirvede güven mantı satıyoruz. Mantıyi çok guzel yapıyorsunuz. Yeni ürünlerinde manti gibi talep göreceğini dusunuyoruz iyi çalışmalar.
Resul karakurt / zirve market
We are very pleased your quality of your products and services. Our customers are very satisfied with your product quality, hope you success in such good work...
Ahmet Basınlı / Bereket Yufka
Since the day we started working with Güven Ravioli, there seems an increase in our sales, I makes us satisfied that our customers are satisfied with products. Good work with the wish of more services in the future.
Suna Kavak
Morning, Güven Ravioli. I bought your product from Maltepe Branch, I liked it so much. It was extremely beautiful. God bless you hands.
Fikriye Demir / 31 / 1 /2017 09.00
We are very pleased with Güven Ravioli products, also our customers like these products. Wish you success in your business.
Nazife TEMİZ / Temiz Yufka
As Kaçkars meat and dairy products, we are pleased to work with Güven Ravioli. There is no difference between the first day quality I received and present quality in your products. I wish you success in your business and continuity in your continuous service.
We prefer to sell Güven Ravioli as a brand selected by our own guests visiting us, and wish the continuance of such quality..
Emre Çiftçi
I can refer to your products as superb, since I have not received any complaints about your products for 4 years. I wish continuity in your works and quality. I wish you good deeds.
M.Taner UZUNKAVAK / Feta Gıda
Your products are very exceptional and their taste is great. We are pleased to work with you. Wish continuity of your products and their quality. Best regards.
Kadir ÖZTÜRK / Soğanlık Ekmek
Both product quality and your production facility are perfect, there is a great combination of cleaning and excellence in your workplace, and this is reflected on your products. As in its name, GÜVEN (TRUST), you can easily buy these products and safely put on your tables. Pleased to work with you. Have a nice days.
Nayim ÇELİKEL / Merkez Gıda
Your products are of great quality thank you
Adem Arslan
I am a housewife of 20 years and used to spread raviolis myself until I met Güven Ravioli. I find quality and flavor in Güven Ravioli together. I would recommend it to everyone, do not say “I ate ravioli” without eating Güven Ravioli! :)
Bilgin Aslan
Hello, I won your set through BEST FM. Shipment arrived quickly and they are all delicious. Thank you so much, Jale Şengün.
Nursel arkan
Homemade noodles, siron, ravioli and string noodles by Güven Ravioli are all delicious. They have great taste. God bless your hands. Much Thanks, Güven Ravioli..
My cargo was delivered today. The ravioli was fresh and soft, it seemed freshly prepared. We prepared a package with my son. It is extremely beautiful. The taste of minced meat comes to your mouth. You understand that you ate ravioli. We liked it very much. God bless your hands.
zeynep ermiş
Really, I thought I have eaten ravioli so far. Thanks to you, I learned about real ravioli. The taste of meat coming to mouth, we all loved it. Thank you very much for providing us with that kind of flavor
Özge şık
Güven ravioli, homemade noodles, string noodles, siron are all delicious. My daughter loved ravioli. It is both healthy and delicious with string ravioli. Its siron is just like ravioli, we prepared it with yogurt. They all received full marks from us all as a family.
Özsoy Sebile
I tried your ravioli. I tasted it. From now on, I will stop preparing ravioli at home. It is really delicious. Thank you for your effort.
Rukiye Arslan
Raviolis I won in the competition arrived today. You are very generous, there were everything in the package; I cooked siron and packed ravioli. We really love as the whole family. Its taste and quality are great...
Melike Candoğan
Homemade noodles, siron, ravioli and string noodles by Güven Ravioli are all delicious. Sirons are cut thin. All products are prepared carefully and delicious .. Both quality and delicious. Moreover they are practical. Thank you for giving us this flavor without effort. Güven Ravioli, thank you for your efforts. Best Regards.
Dilek Arslan
Homemade noodles, siron, ravioli and string noodles by Güven Ravioli are all delicious. They are fresh products prepared carefully... We liked them very much, and I think everyone will do the same. Thanks Güven Ravioli..
Dilek Arslan
Thanks to you, I found a nice opportunity to taste these delicious products, they all have different tastes but the most I liked was the ravioli since it was similar to that made my mother. Now, it is my favorite. Thanks for this great product, now I do not need to ask my mother for homemade ravioli.
Şaziye G Özdoğan
My shipment arrived in the evening and I immediately cooked for tasting its flavor. I recommend it to everyone since it is really safe to eat. We liked it very much.
Feray Çakır
I have tried Güven Ravioli today. It was so much delicious that it was just like those made my mother. Many thanks to Güven Ravioli family for meeting us with such delicious tastes...
Hatice Hayta
As someone just met with Güven Ravioli products, I want everybody to meet these delicious products. They are all delicious including ravioli, string noodles, homemade fettuchini, siron. They are just like mother’s made. Thank you very much Güven Ravioli.
Hatice Hayta
I tried ravioli and noodles, they were really great. Your products are great. Thanks Güven Ravioli.
Zahide Deliçay
My cargo was delivered today. It was a fast delivery. I was very happy when my shipment arrived, I could not believe my eyes opening it. I knew I could not resist. I immediately tried in the evening. Fabulous, I say unutterable experienced.
Sultan Danış
Products I won from your competition have been delivered. Your ravioli tastes very great. I present your homemade fettuchini both in soups and cooking like rice. Everyone enjoyed very much. I prepared Siron according to recipe on your package and results was great. I thank you very much for finding exquisite tastes from your company. God bless your hands.
Sedef Akkan
We loved your such delicious ravioli like hand made by mothers. We ate in our family fondly. Thank you, I will recommend anyone without thinking.
Özlem karaca
Of course, name and taste of ravioli is Güven Ravioli. Its taste is so great and the quality of materials used is so much apparent that all products including homemade fettuchini, string noodle and ravioli are all great. Manual labor and the result is great, thanks Güven Ravioli for such beautiful gifts on behalf of my loved ones and myself.
Rabia Elma
Personally, I have not eaten so delicious ravioli in my life .. It cooks very quickly. You can taste of the meat inside it, because it is not tiny. I recommend that you can buy Güven Ravioli without thinking... It is a great flavor, I loved it.
Funda Çerkezoğlu
For the first time, I felt the taste of minced meat in my mouth in a ravioli I bught... My son loves it, I used to prepare at home but after meeting Güven Ravioli, there is not need for this... All their products are delicious as mother’s made.. You can safely buy.
Sibel Mert